Local Color XC (and Elsie!) in Apartment Therapy

Yesterday, Elsie made it on the homepage of Apartment Therapy! It's a site we looked at many, many times while renovating our tiny house. There are so many good articles, house tours and inspiring ideas on AT.  But we never thought our little renovation would make the ranks. 

I'm feeling a bit nostalgic thinking that this time last year we were knee deep in renovations. For nearly a year, we made the 6-hour round trip to work on Elsie, meticulously building and crafting the space we'd hoped we would live in for the next year. There were times along the way when I secretly thought, "we'll never get it done." So it's a bit surreal to think that we live in this thing now. And what's even more surprising is how well our renovations have held up! We thought by now things might be falling apart left and right. And while we've certainly had our share of little chips, nicks and meltdowns along the way, for the most part Elsie looks just like she did when we left. 

Thanks for following along our DIY adventures. For a couple that barely knew how to use a pneumatic nailer or properly put up wallpaper, we are pretty proud of what we accomplished with Elsie. 

Click the title to read on and see our full house tour at Apartment Therapy!

Carson & Mel's Adventures in Elsie the 120 Square Foot Trailer

Elsie on Apartment Therapy