Local Color XC Reports on the Peabody Duck March for Audubon

Carson recently shared a recap of our time in Tennessee, so it's only fitting that we follow up on his promise of further explaining the famous Peabody Duck March.

The story behind the old hotel's ducks is rich in history. In short, it involves a botched hunting trip, a prank and a circus trainer. If that combination isn't enough to get you to read the full story on Audubon.org, then we're not sure what will. So, go ahead: enjoy this story about ducks. You won't regret it. 

Tennessee's Most Historic Hotel Is Also Home to the Greatest Duck Tradition

After more than 80 years, the Peabody Mallards are still marching on, with a young, earnest Duckmaster at their lead.

Image c/o the Peabody Hotel. 

Image c/o the Peabody Hotel.